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I was listening to a VERY good sermon a while ago, the title of which was “Bigger Anchors”. As Christians, we’re kind of like boats in an ocean. We’ve left captivity-in-sin-land and are heading into deeper waters toward Heaven. Mysterious, and intriguing, huh?

The pastor very accurately pointed out how so many of us want … well, more in life! More missions involvement, more importance, more blessing-others time. Is it all good? Well, YEAH! But so so often we ask for these things, in this kind of way. Do you relate?

  • Wake up; realize you want more spiritual ambition
  • “Hey God! Give me a bigger heart for you!”
  • Does homework
  • Does chores
  • Inevitably, sins
  • Forgets about the fervent prayer in the morning…
  • Changes nothing in life
  • Etc.

We hear adults tell us ALL the time how redundant and depressing life can be. I got news for you grown people – God is too awesome for calling His people to live boring lives! So the first step is to want to change. But the second is to NOT be pushed into this redundant life of an unchanged person and actually change! And we all know that we can’t force ourselves to fall in love with God. I can’t. I assure you, this comes from experience.

So we NEED God to realize we need Him! And we need God to grow closer to Him, to get out of that redundant life cycle. And here’s where bigger anchors come in.

Devotional time is our anchor. Time spent with our Father is our anchor. This doesn’t mean just going to church, because I can assure you, I’ve been to church far too many times and not spent very much time with the Lord at all.

Do you see the picture? The more time we give to God, the bigger our anchor becomes, and the deeper waters we will find ourself in and handling well. The more ministry opportunities we’ll be able to handle! The closer to God we’ll become. When we give time to Him, He rewards it! His words will not return void, and we’ll see the fruits of the Spirit blossoming in our lives.

That said – when to have devo time? I do it in the morning, and in the evening. The ladies over at Girltalk have a 5 O’Clock Club for moms especially, but anyone who has a busy life and wants that time with the Lord. May I ask you to pray and see what special communion time the Lord has in store for the both of you?

Remember: the bigger the anchor, the bigger the waters. Oh, and the less drab your life will be – guaranteed :).


  1. I love the quote and the top! I really loved this post! 🙂

    • Thank you Maria!! You have the funniest posts on yours… I absolutely love them as well!
      (for some reason, I think the comment I made on your popilol post didn’t quite get published :O. But I will retry that tomorrow!)

  2. I was delighted to find your blog today. Welcome to blogging, Michelle! What a thought provoking post. Thanks for writing.
    Love, Melody

    • Hey Melody!!
      You are just too sweet ;). Thank you for the welcome! I just love reading the posts on your blog – definitely inspirational! :).
      See ya Monday!
      (Psalm 20! My prayer for you all ;).)

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