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Yep – stressful week :). Very stressful week. I actually just read an (in)courage article titled “I Stress, Therefore I Am” and I just had to steal it from them :). The point simply was that as people, we’re gonna have stress. But we can’t let stress overwhelm us – and we need to get our priorities in order! I stress about homework, and that’s certainly not the main thing I should be worried about. Actually, I really feel like school distracts me from doing what God wants me to be doing.

Wrong. 🙂 Thanks to the nifty invention of seasons… this is my season for learning all about the Periodic Table (which I don’t hate nearly as much as Pastor Begg), studying odd things like epifauna and meiofauna in biology (which I love), and using the fact I am a student to help people who are students too! There’s something really special about identifying with the people you work with, and schoolwork’s great for that. Especially at Urban Vision! 🙂

Marry didn’t want to sit through history and the loud music (yes – Urban Vision does history the RIGHT way!), so we sat out in the hall, talked, and took pictures.

Hae Nay Paw Soe, Me, and Free Lah :). They were getting my screen icky with their lollipop-covered fingers, so I gave them wipes to clean their hands. But they washed the bathroom instead, while Heather and I looked on in amazement. LOVE! Then they had fun doodling on the drawing app on my iPod, and clicking all the pretty symbols on the calculator. Like **, #, =, etc. 🙂

These girls are CRAZY special. They’re the ones that the whole school factor comes into play :). We’re all 14, and I help them with homework at Urban Vision. (Their math homework is pretty much all the stuff that shows up on the standardized tests that I hadn’t seen in Algebra 2 – so it’s helpful to review :).) We’ve had 2 sleepovers together, and they’ve come to church with me both times! And loved it – especially the music.

We do have Karen nicknames – it started when I heard Eh Moo call Ma Rian “Thu”, which means “black” in Karen. I asked why Ma Rian was “black”… and Eh Moo told me it was just a nickname :). We expanded from there – Eh Moo is “Baw”, or “yellow”, but I never call her that. Eh Moo just sounds prettier :). And me… well, I asked what “michelle” meant in Karen, and they thought about the “Mi” part for a while. They died laughing a few seconds later… when they informed me that “Mi” means “Rice”! 🙂 Again, they don’t call me Mi, but I still think it’s special.


Eek – now that you’ve had the info on our names… I shared these girls with you because they are living proof that miracles can happen! 🙂 We’ve been trying to get Ma Rian to come to our church FOREVER, and she came and really enjoyed it. (Ha – they had an interesting discussion in high school that day too…) Her contact for me on her phone is “Bbf” – “best best friend” – and she’s pretty much my Karen sister :). Such a blessing, she is… we’ve done Bible studies together and I can really tell she wants to be a stronger Christian and braver talking with American people!

Eh Moo loves making me laugh. The biggest “funny thing” she does is call me “Miss Michelle”. It’s general respect at Urban Vision to call EVERYONE who volunteers/works there “Miss” or “Mr.”, but even though we’re the same age, she still calls me “Miss”. Silly girl.. Before I had to share my testimony at Urban Vision, she shared her one-person chair with me and encouraged me, and made me smile :). And after, told me I did a good job. And I know it wasn’t all that great, but the encouragement was amazing. She loves to joke, and can easily make Ma Rian fall over -literally- laughing.


So the reason I shared all that in a thing about stress… God can still do amazing things while I’m a student! And with any season anyone goes through… Just thinking about how God has used my education up to this point to bless people at Urban Vision, and how I’ve really implicitly loved chemistry and geometry reminds me that everything works for the good of those who love God!

So as I go through today… and prepare for that dumb SAT tomorrow… I WILL remember that God has a plan! And He CAN and WILL see this plan to abundant completion!

God created and sustains me – therefore, I am!


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