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The Lord – is jealous. Jealous for you.

In reading “Abide in Christ”, I find myself quite frequently getting stressed. All was cool when I thought of Jesus as the vine, and I was one of His branches. Or how our Father, the Gardner, made us one… as in, Jesus chooses to delight in me and use me to further His kingdom! He could totally do it all by Himself. But He chooses to have me, you, His body, do it.

Yes yes, but then it started to get complicated (or so the Enemy wishes I would feel). “Of God are ye in Christ Jesus, who was made unto us wisdom from God, and righteousness and sanctification, and redemption.” -1 Corinthians 1:30. Murray proceeded to do chapters on each of those aspects, but I’ll admit, it started getting really confusing! Okay, Lord, I have to remember – abide in You as my wisdom *feelin great*, righteousness *I’m not guilty anymore, I’m not filthy anymore!*, sanctification *uh* and redemption *uh*.

Do you ever have times where you wish you got something in the Bible and you just couldn’t? I read the sanctification and redemption chapters, like, five times each. And to be honest, it made the aspects of sanctification and redemption seem to drag! What’s going on, God?!

Ouch. Then to make everything worse, I had a guilt attack this morning!! And the last thing I wanted to worry about was abiding in Christ. No, Daddy, I gotta get over this guilt first. I have to ask *person who shall remain nameless* what she is really feeling… figure out if I’m really meant to be a dancer! Then I have chemistry, and You know I can’t focus on You during that… do everything like working for God!

I forgot the wonderful wisdom God whispers in my ear… through Murray:

On my part, abiding is nothing but the acceptance of my position, the consent to be kept there, the surrender of faith to the strong Vine to hold the feeble branch… And as you keep your gaze fixed on Him, holding you and waiting to lift you up, could you not this very day take the upward step and rise to enter upon this blessed life of abiding in Christ? Yes, begin at once, and say,

O my Jesus, if You bid me, and if You engage to lift and keep me there, I will venture. Trembling, but trusting, I will say, ‘Jesus, I do abide in You.’

You can trust Him to keep you trusting and abiding.

That is the love of Our Father. He sees us, weak, feeble branches that we are, yet He seeks to lift us up. And all we have to do is surrender to His love. I find it really convicting to think of all the distractions that would seek to prevent me from surrendering to Christ and trusting Him, and to realize how sad Jesus must feel.

“Not as though I had already attained, either were already perfect: but I follow after, if that I may apprehend that for which also I am apprehended of Christ Jesus.” -Phil. 3:12

Idea being, Jesus wants me to abide in Him – and He’s willing to keep me there, if only I’ll surrender! I will follow after :).

Take this with you today! He’s jealous for you, He loves you, and He wants you abiding in Him! The Enemy is the only one who would tell you otherwise…and make you feel like you have to earn His holy jealousy.

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