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Hey y’all!

I don’t think I’ve shared a recipe on this blog yet. And that bothers me – cuz my Daddy gave me a very fond sense of the culinary! Even though I rarely make a perfect edition of anything, they usually turn out yummy :). (Or with double the amount of chocolate chips called for. Which, too, can be very yummy if treated with the appropriate humor.)

This one happens to be from my best friend (again). She makes bread every week for her family – freshly ground flour, the whole nine yards. And let me tell you – I never liked tuna fish sandwiches until I had some on this bread. So I decided I would make giving my family the ‘good bread’ my utmost priority. In the culinary world, that is. So here’s the recipe for three OR six loaves – I’m assuming you’re not the kind of person who charges into the recipe without checking that minor detail. But if you are, please note that bread isn’t too keen on rising, and therefore you might end up with six flat loaves if ya charge away at that. I just now made loaves that were sandwich size, but that was after 5 tries :). Have fun!

Please note that the parentheses include the ingredients for three loaves. Since I didn’t try 6 at first, you get the benefit of the mathematician.  (that too was a joke.)

Sammie’s Bread:

(2) 4 TBS of active yeast

(1) 2 TBS of sugar

(2 ½) 5 cups of warm water (110-120 degrees) 115 is best 😉

(3/8)Three fourths a cup of sugar

(1/2) 1 cup of olive oil (or whatever kind is available)

(1) 2 TBS of gluten

(1) 2 TBS of dough enhancer (If you don’t have dough enhancer, add however many tablespoons of vinegar you use for yeast. So either 2 or 4 tablespoons of vinegar for this recipe. I have heard that additional gluten may help (many people say 1 TBS per loaf), and 1/8 c. of instant potato flakes per loaf. Feel free to experiment; I only added the vinegar and I think it would have benefited from more gluten.)

(3/4) 1 and a half TBS of salt

(5-6) 10-12 cups of whole wheat flour (and more if needed)

  1. Briefly stir the yeast, sugar, and water in large mixing bowl; let sit until yeast gets bubbly. (7 mins. estimated)
  2. Add the next set of sugar and olive oil, along with half the flour you will be using in the bread. Mix the ingredients together. (Note: I used a spoon and it worked fine. But generally electric mixers are easier :).)
  3. Add the gluten, dough enhancer, and the other half of the flour. Mix again; add salt; mix again. More flour may be needed here; the dough should feel tacky, but not stick to your finger.
  4. Knead the dough for 6 minutes.
  5. Shape into loaves (this is way too complicated to explain via post. You can just roll it out into a quarter-to-half inch thick rectangle, and then roll it up – I do it that way for cinnamon bread :).)
  6. Let the bread rise in loaf pans for 1 hr, or when high enough for your liking. Don’t go too far beyond 1 hr. though! (One of my friends’ moms turns her oven to preheat for 350-360 for 1-2 minutes, then turns the oven off and sticks the bread inside. Sam turns her oven on proof or turns the oven light on and leaves the dough in there. Be creative!) (Also, if you want crispy crust, brush on some beat-up egg after it rises but before it bakes.)
  7. Turn the oven on 350, (so yes, the bread is in the oven while it preheats), and bake for 30 mins, or until knife inserted in the bottom of the loaf comes out clean and dry. 
  8. Enjoy! (Note: if your bread did rise significantly, it really is best to let it cool down before taking it out of the pan. Taking it out early can cause it to deflate – just happened to me !)

That typed… have an amazingly blessed weekend! Be sure to spend some time with your Creator :).

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