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I suppose there comes a time when we just really want to share something special that happened in our lives. Even if it goes against the grain of the rest of the blog :). This one is definitely one worth telling, one that will probably embarrass my poor cousin. But it’s a cute story nonetheless, and I hope you enjoy it! Rewind, my dear readers, to the summer of 2001, to 5-year-old Michelle.

August 25 was the date set for my aunt and uncle’s wedding. It would be the first wedding I had ever been to, and it was only 2 days after my birthday. It really made for one happy summer. (I do think this wedding is due, in part, to that fact that as a toddler, I would call my uncle’s girlfriend “aunt”. The lady I deemed as my “aunt” was becoming my aunt for real – and honestly, the wedding made no difference.)

I had been chosen, along with a shy girl I’d never met before, to be a flower girl. The real drama for my aunt began when I threw a temper tantrum over her dress selection (really – a white dress?!). I wanted one with flowers. But after my “I DON’T WANT TO WEAR THIS!!” crisis, I decided the dress wasn’t so bad – and my great-grandma made me a flower pillow in place of a dress. First fiasco – check.

My dress!

Next came rehearsal. This was very exciting for me, too. (Now that I’m a dancer, I realize that I’ve just loved crazy rehearsals my whole life, and that makes bigger ones more exciting :).) We practiced and practiced the walk-down-the-aisle routine, and I caught on to the flower-sprinkling really quickly. Flower Girl #2 didn’t, but that was okay – I really was a performer and I could handle being the only one doing my part. Also, my 2-or-3-year-old cousin was slacking in his role as the ring-bearer. My other aunt got to carry the pillow, while he walked down the aisle. But I couldn’t help with that too much.

Apparently, somewhere along the way, I got annoyed with something and said (with great acclamation, GG says): “I don’t want to be a flower girl.” The family simply trusted the Lord and went on with life, and I ended up re-enjoying the ceremony. I’m convinced 5-year-olds can have hormones too. They just come in different ways.

I begged the coordinator to keep doing the thing again, but finally, we had rehearsal dinner. It was beautiful, from my family’s recollections. I totally zoned out. πŸ™‚ That’s the downfall to having 5-year-olds in your wedding; you could pay for a wonderful dinner and they won’t remember it. At all.

Wedding day dawned bright and happy – I was so excited, I could hardly contain myself. I got in my dress (which I then deemed beautiful) and we had pictures – LOTS of pictures – taken. I saw my beautiful aunt and got really, really excited! I even got to go in her dressing room – all the perfume smells, dresses, makeup, mirrors… it was heavenly :). This, also, I took completely for granted – but I spent my time in there comforting miss Flower Girl #2. She was really a nervous wreck.

Then – the ceremony began! I walked down the aisle, just like I’d been told, and sprinkled my flowers on the aisle. Flower Girl #2 didn’t – she just walked, scared as could be. Now unbeknownst to the delirious performer (myself), my cousin the ring-bearer was having some serious fun behind me. My aunt, naturally, was carrying the pillow, and Alec, well – check these pictures and see if you can tell.

Me doing my part; see Alec in the back?

Look what that guy's holding!

Yes. My cousin was running frantically behind me, exclaiming, “MICHELLE’S SPILLING!!!!” He picked up some of my petals for me, too. I had no idea this had occurred until the reception, when one of the ladies there told me. OOPS.

The reception was amazingly fun. I got to dance with a lot of people – my aunt, uncle, grandpa, other aunt, and who knows who else :). This was one really cute picture from the occasion:

Aww πŸ™‚

The only other thing I really remember is there being a pile of spilled spinach on the floor – my cousin and I were a bit bothered by that. Misgivings aside, the reception was nicely done. πŸ™‚ And misgivings included, this was the most entertaining wedding I’ve been to! I really didn’t get the beauty of marriage back then, but now, I’ve gotta say Melody and Josiah’s was the best yet :).

I really and truly don’t know why I felt like sharing that. Maybe because my great-grandma let us look at the picture album she had from the wedding? It was really fun reading the stories she kept – and I know I want to preserve the funny memories too!

Lord, I just think it’s so cool that you gave me the gift of performing – even back then, GG already had it in her mind that I would perform somehow, somewhere. And now I look at all the fun I have with dance – worshipping You – and realize that she was right. I’m not as dramatic as I was back then, but my, Lord, how I do love using stages for telling about You! I pray for whoever reads this, Daddy – help them see the gifts You’ve given them. They might be hard to see – and Lord, for a while there, I thought dance wasn’t one of my gifts. But God, I don’t have to conquer the whole world. In fact, I don’t have to conquer a dance combination – or stage fright – for You to love me. Thank You for reminding me that I’m blessed beyond the curse, for Your promise will endure!

And remind the readers, Daddy, of how You’ve blessed them. Nope, we can’t make You love us. It’s impossible. But this I know – our God is for us, and You will never forsake us in weakness. You just ask that we accept Your hand, surrendering ourselves… abide in You, our Vine. Keep us close, Father, I pray. In Your name, Amen.

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