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…I’m busy

…I’m obsessed with sewing

…I’m getting way too involved in doing dance-business, instead of preparing my heart

…I’m giving my advice, instead of love

…I’m letting my heart drift away from my Daddy

…I’m praying for people out of sinful motives

…I’m promising to pray and not praying

…I’m dwelling on insecurities instead of the servant God destined me to be

…I’m trying to impress people, NOT God

…I’m “forgetting” about doing Latin

…I’m jealous of other peoples’ gifts

Even then – God still loves me, carries me, sings over me, promises to protect and guide me, and loves my worship just the same. His love never fails. 


Note: if God lays it on your heart, could you pray for our dance ministry in this busy season? Not just that the production will be wonderful or that stress won’t be at an infuriating high, but that we’d evaluate our priorities, and continually surrender our worries to our Lord? Especially for my Mom #2, that she’ll find her rest in Jesus, especially with her crazy-busy busyness. Oh, thank you!

Speaking of the show… 🙂

(I liked this better than the official invite, hence the reason it’s kinda cut off at the bottom.)

Praise His Name With Dancing
Whiter Than Snow
“Beauty is only skin deep”…or is it?
Come experience the beauty and creativity of Whiter Than Snow, an adventure for all ages!
Full of contemporary song and dance, enchanting drama, and colorful costumes
 that will captivate your heart.
You’re sure to enjoy the journey of Snow as she discovers
“who’s the fairest of them all.”


 Saturday, June 11, 7:30 p.m.  &  Sunday, June 12, 3:30 p.m.

North High School Auditorium
985 Gorge Blvd., Akron, OH  44310

Free Admission!

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