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She goes undercover, most of her life. She has several aliases; masks of all sizes and shapes fill her closet. Her course into my life varies, but my, when she finds her way in…

She doesn’t like working alone, mostly for fear I’ll discover who she is. She pulls in friends like Guilt, Pride, and Stress in to do dirty work. But needless to say, she’s the mastermind of my enemies. Quite the sneaky one, she is.

Her boss is the Enemy of each and every child of the King. He longs to usurp the true King’s authority… his chief officer joins him in this war. She fights her hardest because, like every officer of the Enemy, she knows that her time is quickly running out. Soon she, along with the Enemy, will get sent to utmost punishment for eternity.

My enemy is Fear. 

Yet the King sent His beloved Son to defeat Fear. Fear, really, has been defeated. So why do I waste time fighting with someone who is already doomed to destruction?

Again, Fear hisses, “Oh Michelle… You’ve failed your King too many times! What if he never accepts you? You’re SUCH a mess, and He shouldn’t have to waste His time fixing Your little problems… listening to you whine.”

You will forget what to do in that most important moment.

And, God in His stubborness, will carry on with His plan anyway.

You will fail at least once, and probably more.

You will think you are incapable.

And sometimes you will be.

But God, in His audacity, will use you anyway.

You will miss opportunities.

You’ll take steps you shouldn’t.

You’ll walk through the wrong door and shut the right one.

And somehow, inexplicably, God will get you there anyway.

You will be hard to live with sometimes.

You will fall short.

You will forget to stand tall.

And, God, uncaring of what’s cool will say, “That one’s mine” anyway.

-Holley Gerth


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