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This is scaring me – it’s my very last post of 2011! I love blogging. I wish I had kept track of how long I’ve been doing it (AND how many URL changes I’ve made! haha), but I know that this year has been wonderful. Writing is such a sweet love connection with God – journaling, decorating notebooks/guitar cases with Scripture and quotes, facebooking, and, of course, blogging.

I was inspired from some website to pick a special theme word for 2011. I picked “revive”. I’m not sure why, I guess I just felt like God wanted me to make that a vision of sorts. Here’s a list of things I’m so thankful for from 2011…(and fyi, I haven’t seen the theme “revive” too much myself, so that’s why I’m doing this :).)

  • The Lord provided a way for me to dance AND volunteer at Urban Vision – even helping with a ballet class!
  • I spent a few two-nighters at my best friend’s farm, being revived in the Lord.
  • Offered an internship of sorts at Urban Vision!
  • Did lots of helping my great-grandma sew costumes for my dance company, “Radiant”
  • Got back on pointe!
  • Did my UV Bible study (a crash course on Christianity) with some of my Karen sisters. Never felt God’s strength moving me in that way before, He provided wonderfully 🙂
  • Gave my second public testimony. (It was terrible, I would like a redo. Again, though, the overcoming-stage-fright experience was very helpful!)
  • Met Gracie, the cutest pre-preschool aged Karen girl EVER!
  •  Danced a worship song with my best friend – “You Are For Me” by Kari Jobe. Beautiful memories.
  • At the very first intern meeting, did an impromptu what-God-is-teaching-me speech. THAT went better than the testimony. It was faith-stretching, but reviving.
  • The whole laying-on-of-hands-and-receiving-healing thing… happened! I don’t have to wear my heel lift anymore; my hip doesn’t hurt on a regular basis! Praise the Lord!
  • Awesome ministry-prep times with the interns. So blessed to work with teenagers/UV staff who are so passionate for the Lord!
  • Grew a lot closer with all the UV teens.
  • Worked with a Bible club at an elementary school playground. Impromptu ministry again!
  • Taught my first two Bible lessons 🙂
  • Played guitar with my first real band
  • Grew closer to the UV college intern – realized what a blessing her background/story are because they are so similar to mine :).
  • Baptized – 8.12.11 by the awesomest “boss” one could ever have!
  • Went on my first overseas trip to Thailand – saw the refugee camp where lots of my friends are from!
  • Saw Burma.
  • Challenged to agape living

Now I see how the Lord used revive. Reviving a passion for missions I lost, a passion to love selflessly (agape), a passion for inner-city ministry, a passion to follow the Lord because the world can be changed by the power of His name!

I’ll write about my new word sometime next year :).

Jesus, thank You sooo much for this year. It’s not at all what I expected, but everything You wanted! And what’s more, I loved it. I saw Your working. I’m especially thankful for my new brothers and sisters in Christ at Urban Vision. Lord, no matter where I am, healing is in Your hands. I was so scared to leave dance because I thought I wouldn’t have anyone to talk with about You. No, Lord… You provided in greater ways than I can imagine. Why, oh why would I doubt You? I’ve tasted Your glory – I’ve seen how Your plan is so good! Help me to always, always passionately live out agape. You are the greatest example of it, Lord! I love You, Daddy <3.

“Your plans are still to prosper

You have not forgotten us

You’re with us in the fire and the flood

Faithful forever, perfect in love

You are sovereign over us.”


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